How to Save a Ton of Money on Kids Clothes

When it comes to outfitting your littles, things can get expensive really quickly.  A new wardrobe for each season, every year, for every kid adds up fast. When you are buying new, that is. If you want to dress your kids fashionably without breaking the bank, we have some hacks for you!

Kid's Clothes Hacks

Buy in lots
One of our favorite ways to get a ton of kid’s clothes for cheap is to buy a lot of clothing. This is the perfect foundation for a new wardrobe, since it will usually come with a variety of outfits for the new season.

You can find lots of clothes on facebook groups, Craigslist, Ebay or apps like OfferUp. Just search your child’s size and “clothing lot” or “lot of clothes” and you’re sure to find a ton of people that are clearing out clothes their own children have outgrown.

Just be sure to check for quality. Never take a clothing lot without seeing photos and confirming with the seller that there are no holes or wear beyond what you will want to dress your kids in. We learned this the hard way, and while Ebay will let you make returns, getting your money back from someone you find on a for-sale site is near impossible.

Thrift Store
If you just need a few new items and you’re willing to go “treasure hunting” thrift stores are where it’s at. Here, you can find everything from vintage styles to never-worn items with the tags still on for a fraction of the price you see in department stores.

We never, ever take our children with us to the thrift store. It can take a couple of hours of digging to find what you’re looking for. And that brings us to the next thrift store hack- know what you want to find! Make a list of items you need to complete outfits or basics you’re missing, otherwise digging through everything  that’s there can become overwhelming and make you feel that it’s not worth it.

Another thing-  Buying low quality clothes second hand is not ideal. Be on the look out for brands that you know stand the test of time. Often you can find name-brand clothes for just a couple of bucks at a thrift shop. If it’s still in good condition when your kid is done with it, you can resell it on Ebay for a better price and actually make money.

Clearance racks
Another great option for buying kids clothes inexpensively is clearance racks at your favorite stores. You probably already know that department stores sell surplus clothing for a discounted rate at the end of the season to make room for new inventory.

If your child’s size stays true to their age (for example, your 8 year old always wears a size 8, your 5 year old always wears a size 5) you can buy ahead for next year. If it turns out that your child outgrows the clothes before the next season, that’s another opportunity to sell those clothes as a lot and make a profit.

If you live in an area where the climate is pretty consistent (like in Texas, we’re always hot) you can buy clothes that are on clearance for the season that’s most consistent with your weather (Summer) and create outfits around them. Even in Winter, we can throw a cardigan over a sundress and add some leggings, and viola, we have a Winter outfit for Texas!

Clothing Swap
If you have friends with kids that are a little older or a little younger than yours, a clothing swap is a fun way to get some new clothes for your kids and hang with your mom-friends (we all need mom time, amirite?)

The way this works is you invite everyone over and have them bring all the kid’s clothes want to get rid of, plus a finger food to share. Make a pile for each size of clothes and have everyone put theirs in. Enjoy the company, drinks and food and have everyone pick out what they want to keep. No one pays at this event, it’s about sharing.

However you choose to go about it, buying clothes second hand for your kids is a great way to save money and keep your kids sporting the brands you love!

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Kid's Clothes Hacks